How do I know which battery to choose for my car?

Before replacing a faulty battery, you should consider whether the new battery will fit the car. To do this, there are certain criteria to consider. Find out what these criteria are in the rest of this article.

Focus on the right capacity

Before choosing your battery, you should carefully check its capacity to see if it matches the one recommended by the dealer. This capacity is clearly marked on the battery to make it easier for you. This capacity is nothing more than the maximum capacity that the battery can supply for one hour of time. For the sake of understanding, remember that a 100 Ah battery can deliver 100 A for one hour. You should check this information carefully before choosing your new battery. Every motor has its own battery. And for normal operation, you need a battery that fits your operation. If you make a mistake when choosing a battery, you have considerably shortened the life of your vehicle. If you want your car to serve you during its normal life, make a good choice. Also remember that petrol engines do not need more energy than diesel engines. If you have a diesel engine, then you should choose batteries that have a higher capacity.

Battery size and power check

After checking the capacity of the battery, you should also check the dimensions of the battery. If the capacity matches the engine, but the size differs from the size of the old battery, then move on. Because a smaller battery cannot be fitted in place of a larger battery. If the dimensions of the battery are not indicated on the battery, you can take the dimensions yourself.

The power is also an important criterion. It tells you how much power the battery will be able to deliver when the vehicle is started. If you have an older vehicle, you should choose a battery with a higher capacity. Don't think that a higher capacity battery will damage your engine. On the contrary, it powers and increases the performance of your engine.